Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Weekend at The Cabin

Kiley, Dorine, and I spent two nights at the cabin this weekend with Kristy, Chris, and their kids. I had fun playing with the kids and hanging out for a few hours in Pagosa Springs. As you can see from the attached photo, there was a lot of snow up there, although all of it was old and crusty -- and, in fact, it got up above 50 degrees F. both days we were there. We've actually spent a fair bit of time at the cabin in the last year: this is probably the first time in fifteen years or longer that I've been there three times within a given twelve-month period. I still miss the old snowmobiling days, but just walking along the frozen-in-places Rio Blanco with the kids gave me a lot of pleasure on this trip. We drove our old, battered 1994 Dodge Shadow up there this time; despite its being fifteen years old, it still got 31-32 miles to the gallon out on the highway.