Sunday, March 15, 2009

Latest on Darren's Mission

Here's a recent picture of Darren (L) with his companion, Elder Rose, along with their zone leaders, Elder Avalos and Elder Merrill. Darren has been in Cerro Grande with Elder Rose now since November, which has been his longest companionship to date. Apparently, all four elders have a standing dinner appointment on Sundays with the church area authority, Elder Duarte, and his family, who live in Darren's area; this photo was taken a couple of Sundays ago by a lady named Healy who was visiting Honduras in connection with Operation Smiles and happened also to be visiting with Elder Duarte and his family that day. (She was kind enough to e-mail us this and other photos from her trip.) As I mentioned in an earlier post, Darren has been out for eighteen months now. It's practically certain that he'll be assigned to at least one more area (and to at least a couple more companions) before he comes home, but he's enjoyed being in Cerro Grande -- that is, apart from losing his camera (and his memory cards, which of course is the real loss), a tape recorder, a guitar, and other items in a burglary of their apartment.