Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kiley's Last AYS Concert

These photos are from Kiley's Albuquerque Youth Symphony concert on Sunday, April 10, 2010, which marked the end of her tenure in AYS. She was seated in the first chair in the cello section and had a short solo in one of the pieces they played (Respighi's The Pines of Rome.). The first photo shows the entire group as viewed from the mezzanine at Popejoy Hall. The second shows Kiley during the concert, directly to the right of Gabriel Gordon, the group's conductor. (For some reason, AYS started seating the violas on the outside a couple of years ago, leaving the cellos just to the inside.) The third shows Kiley and others standing on their chairs, a tradition for graduating seniors in the last concert of the season. And the last photo shows Kiley with Dorine and me after the concert. It seems strange that Kiley is already done with AYS (and, especially, that she won't be auditioning for it again next month); however, it wasn't quite as fun for her this year, as she had more friends in the group last year. Thus she's ready to move on -- she's decided to attend UNM this fall, and has to decide whether or not to accept the music scholarship it has offered her (on top of the usual "Bridge"/lottery scholarships available to New Mexico high-school graduates attending in-state universities), which may hinge on whether she has to declare as a music major.