Monday, June 21, 2010

Mexico Trip, June 15-20, 2010

These photos are from our trip to Puerto Pe
ñasco, Sonora, Mexico; we left Albuquerque on the evening of Tuesday the 15th, spending the night in Tucson and driving on to Puerto Peñasco the following morning, and we drove back to Albuquerque yesterday, Sunday the 20th. We stayed in the Las Conchas district in "Casa Alhaja," a beachfront home of which Easton's parents, Steve and Jeannie H______, are part owners. This trip was a striking contrast to our last (and my only previous) trip to Puerto Peñasco in 1991, when Dorine's extended family camped on the beach at Choya Bay in tents, with no shower access and only one small port-a-potty to service ~20 people. "Casa Alhaja," on the other hand, has numerous bedrooms and five bathrooms (all with showers), while still having immediate access to the beach. Here's a partial run-down of the things we enjoyed doing while in Mexico: (1) swam and body-surfed; (2) rode ATVs; (3) rowed a boat out into the waves; (4) played volleyball and tossed around a football and a Frisbee; (4) foraged around in tide pools; (5) shopped (both for food and for souvenirs); (6) went out to eat a couple of times; (7) watched World Cup soccer games and Game 7 of the NBA finals (all online); (8) played "dos huevos" (a tossing game using two golf balls on a string); (9) took long walks on the beach; and (10) went and had a huge asado at the home of the Palmas family, a family of LDS church members whom the H______s befriended years ago (and whom they helped out over time by providing them with large quantities of second-hand building materials). I was in my usual crap physical condition, but at least I was able, largely, to ignore it for several days.