Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 Elections

Another midterm election, another Republican clean-up.  I don't expect much to come from the GOP's taking control of the Senate (with a pick-up of at least seven seats and possibly as many as nine); however, President Obama won't be getting many of his judicial nominees through now, and I expect the Keystone XL pipeline to be approved next year for construction, possibly over the president's veto.  (The thoroughly loathsome Harry Reid will no longer be running partisan interference as Senate majority leader, preventing bills passed in the House from coming to the Senate floor and thus shielding the president from having to veto popular legislation that offends his liberal sensibilities.)  It is vexing that Obama still seems to think he can declare an amnesty for "undocumented workers" by waving his executive wand.  The only thing that could salvage the legacy of his presidency now would be for him to be made a "martyr" through impeachment, but it would be just like him to lay down bait for just that eventuality.  (And, sadly, it would be just like many 'Pubs to take that bait.)