Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mal de Debarquement News Story

This video of an ABC News story is now a few years old, but it concerns a couple of ladies who were suffering greatly from mal de debarquement. The older one, Deb Russo, was much more physically disabled from the ailment than I am (at least for now). And the younger one, Kimberly Johnson, couldn't even read because of how the page seemed to move in front of her eyes, whereas, thankfully, my problem is limited to the ground's feeling (but not looking) like it's moving under my feet. However, like both of these ladies, I do feel some relief when I'm driving a car, and the ailment has had, and continues to have, far-reaching effects on my life. I'm contemplating asking to be released from my Sunday School calling at church, and it's virtually certain that I will not continue as a temple worker beyond October. Stress of all kinds aggravates my symptoms, so I'm having to pare back a lot of my activities. I'm still trying to go to the gym, but for now I'm having to ride a stationary bike instead of running on a treadmill.