Friday, June 29, 2012

My New Guitar

Leo Kottke? I think not....
I recently bought a new Ibanez 12-string acoustic guitar on eBay.  (It's a factory second -- I guess the finish isn't perfect, although I haven't really spotted a flaw -- which made it an absolute steal for $250, including shipping and handling.  It even has electronics and can be plugged into an amplifier.)  I hadn't played a 12-string guitar in ages, so I'd forgotten how hard they are to play, but this Ibanez is an incredible guitar for the price I paid.  I can't say why I felt the need to have another guitar; however, I learned the basics of guitar-playing on my brother Kelly's 12-string back in the early 1970s, and it's a real throwback for me to have one after all these years.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mexico Trip, June 16-21, 2012

Kiley and Sam
At Pollo Lucas in Puerto Peñasco

Eating lunch at Pollo Lucas
Dion and Nolan

Cait and Darren
Easton and Devery and kids

Kristy and kids
At Pollo Lucas
Darren and Cait on the beach
Dorine and I at the Super Ley
Devery, Easton, Mason, Noelle
Kristy, Maddison, Hailee

Nicole walking on the beach

Heidi, Dion, and kids

Margarita, Don, and Rosita
Dorine and I on the beach

Kristy and kids on the beach
ON the beach at dusk

Darren helping to make dinner
Easton and Noelle

Cait helping to make dinner

Sam slaving over a hot stove
Looking upstairs from the kitchen
Looking downstairs from the kitchen

Looking out the picture windows
View off the back patio

Kristy with Hailee

Dorine in Puerto Peñasco
Cait and Darren in Puerto Peñasco

Sam and Kiley


Darren and Cait having dinner

Nolan and Zach

Dorine and I traveled to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico with almost all of our family, arriving on Sunday afternoon, June 17 (after spending Saturday night in Tempe, Arizona), and staying until Wednesday, June 20 (spending another night in Tempe on the way home).  We stayed at "Casa Alhaja," the beach house of which our son-in-law Easton's parents, Steve and Jeannie Hamblin, are part owners.  (The last two summers, Dorine and I had gone down to Mexico to spend time in Puerto Peñasco at Steve and Jeannie's invitation; this year Dorine had her heart set on taking all of our kids and grandkids down, and we owe the Hamblins a great debt for facilitating things and getting us a screaming deal on the house.)  It was an arduous drive from Albuquerque for a "mere" three nights at the beach, and it's always a bit of an adventure to drive into Mexico, but otherwise things worked out great and I think everyone had a great time.  Among other people, our party included: (1) Devery and Easton and their kids, who first spent time with the Hamblins at "Casa Alhaja" and then stayed a couple more nights with us; (2) Dorine's brother Don and his wife Margarita and daughter Rosita, who actually stayed two more nights in Puerto Peñasco (in a hotel) after we left; and (3) Darren and his girlfriend Cait Brobst, who flew into Phoenix from Utah to drive into Mexico with us (and then flew back to Utah from Phoenix on the return trip).