Friday, May 8, 2009

May Update

Not having much to write about these days (or else too much -- where would I start?), I thought I'd post a quick update on what's happening in our family. I didn't do well with Neurontin, the last "leg jerk" med prescribed by my sleep doctor, as it ended up having very debilitating side effects for not much benefit. I've since seen an internist at my employer's medical clinic, and she's given me a few ideas. I will use a steroidal nasal spray, and practice nightly sinus-rinsing with saline, to try to keep my nasal airway more open at night in hopes that I will swallow less air while sleeping. And she prescribed Temazepam, one of what I call the "big three" (i.e., most-effective) prescription sleep meds -- the others being Lunesta and Ambien -- for use on every third night, which I think is a good compromise against the advent of another every-night dependency. (I took it last night and was amazed at the profound effect it had; I hadn't realized how much of a tolerance I'd developed for these medications before quitting them last August!) I'm also going to consult with a staff psychologist about my tendency toward depression; I'm still not sure whether my sleep deprivation drives my depression, or vice versa, but I do know that past a certain point it all adds up to a downward spiral.

Dorine and Kiley are looking forward to their summer break, although both have a lot to do before the school year ends. Kiley will be going to Australia in a few weeks with the Albuquerque Youth Symphony, and, based on her audition last week (which I think was the first one I've ever seen her come out of smiling), I'm confident she'll be in AYS again next year. Darren has been out on his mission now for almost 20 months and has three months and change left; based on my own experiences, I know how hard it is to stay focused on missionary work with that little time remaining, but he still seems pretty engaged. We'll be talking to him on the phone this Sunday for Mother's Day.

Devery and Easton, of course, are still in Provo, where Devery, now 15 weeks pregnant, continues to commute to her job in Salt Lake City and Easton is attending spring classes at BYU. Heidi, who's probably about as far along as Devery is in her pregnancy, seems likewise to be doing well. Chris's auto-repair shop thus far has done good business, and we certainly hope things continue that way. The twins, Maddy and Hailee, are still cute as buttons and I love to play with them whenever I get the chance. Dorine and I hope to take a vacation with Mike and Judy in Colorado while Kiley is in Australia -- we'll see how that works out.

I can't wait to start hiking in the Sandias this summer; the first hike I want to do is an east-to-west traverse, from Canyon Estates (in Tijeras) to the eastern end of Menaul Blvd. (in Albuquerque), via the CCC Trail, South Sandia Peak, and the Whitewash Trail. John Brewer, who by a curious turn of events is now my supervisor at work, wants to do that hike with me, and several other people may come along.

(The attached photo was taken right after Darren's birth on July 7, 1988, at what was then called St. Joseph's-West Mesa Hospital.)