Saturday, May 10, 2014

Heidi's divorce from Dion

Happier times in late 2006
Our daughter Heidi recently divorced from her husband Dion.  They'd gone through a number of separations, but Heidi was obviously serious about following through when she finally left Dion after the holidays.  It's been a pretty rancorous breakup so far, even though they finally were able to agree on terms and obtain an uncontested divorce.  Of course, their kids Kayla and Tyler are bearing a lot of the emotional burden and will continue to be a source of entanglement for their parents; however, Heidi has the stabler life of the two parties and, being a nurse, has the steadier source of income.  We just hope she can find happiness and that Dion will choose not to impede it.  Heidi is the first, and hopefully the last, of our kids to have her marriage break up.