Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cabin Trip, August 2-6, 2012

Kristy with Hailee on the San Juan
By the San Juan near the malt shoppe
In the Rio Blanco near the cabin
Walking up-river for another tubing run
By the San Juan on the east end of town
Alexis on the banks of the San Juan
Maddi and Hailee at Treasure Falls
Dion floating on the San Juan
Me with Maddi in the Rio Blanco
Having ice cream at the malt shoppe
Chris with Maddi in the San Juan
Dorine on the river walk in town
Outside the cabin
Kiley and Sam at Treasure Falls
Zach floating on the San Juan
Some of the kids on the San Juan
Kiley and Sam on the San Juan
Zach playing Wii in the cabin
Family members at Treasure Falls
Treasure Falls
Dion and Kayla
Chris floating on the San Juan
Me at Echo Amphitheater, 1963
Me at Echo Amphitheater, 2012

                                                        Lunch at the cabin, 8/5/12

We recently spent four nights at the cabin, arriving on Thursday, August 2, and coming home on Monday, August 6.  Most of our family went up on this trip -- only Darren, who's in Provo, and Devery and Easton, who decided there would be a big-enough crowd as things stood, didn't go.  The cabin, which isn't all that big, became a bit of a zoo at times with seventeen people there, but all in all, we had fun.  Dorine and I took one bedroom, and Kiley and Sam the other, for the first two nights, and then we relinquished the bedrooms to Kristy and Chris, and to Heidi and Dion, for the last two nights.  I can't say I relish sleeping on an airbed in the living room -- especially when I use a breathing machine at night for my sleep apnea -- but it all worked out.  We did a little playing in the Rio Blanco by the cabin, but more fun was had in town on the San Juan River, which was low enough for safe inner-tubing.  I enjoyed our usual trips to the malt shoppe, to Treasure Falls, and to the supermarket.  I made a point of stopping at Echo Amphitheater on the way home, as I desired to get a picture of me standing in the same place in which my mother took a photograph of me when I was four years old.  As you can tell from the photos above, much of the same infrastructure is still in place from nearly fifty years ago.  I shot the video embedded above, which shows the cabin living room and kitchen/dining area and gives a good idea of life at the cabin with extended family.