Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My "Doubling" Day

Today, I hit what I regard as a significant milestone in my life: I've now been married as long (9,359 days) as I was old when I got married in late 1984. It isn't the sort of event that many people mark in their lives, or necessarily even think about; thus it's probably a strong indication of my offbeat thought patterns that I think about such things. Of course, the first 9,359 days of my life loom larger in my memory than do the second 9,359 days, simply because time seemed to pass more slowly in the early part of my life than it does now -- these days, I can hardly keep up with the years' passing and rarely can guess right as to how much time has passed since events that have taken place in our family. (If I guess, say, four years, it almost inevitably means that at least six or seven years have gone by since the event in question.) I do regard myself as fortunate that I married someone who could put up this long with my faults, foibles, and eccentricities.