Sunday, May 13, 2012

In the Sandia Foothills

East of U Mound, Sandia Foothills, 5/12/12
The panoramic photo above shows Dorine and me with Dorine's sister Judy (center) on a trail in the Sandia foothills.  It was taken by Judy's husband Mike with a "stitching" app on his iPhone while we were "circumnavigating" the "U" last night just before dark.  I love the views in the foothills, and there were many wildflowers up there this weekend, especially prickly pear and cholla, that were starting to bloom.  I don't mind taking walks around the neighborhood, as Dorine and I do quite often; however, given a choice, I would almost always opt to drive a little and walk in the hills, instead.

The skyline on the ridge in the background more or less coincides with the Whitewash Trail, which I've mentioned in previous posts related to other hikes I've done.